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Easton is a city in as well as county seat of Northampton County, pennsylvania, country. the city’s population was 26,800 as on 2010 census. Easton is positioned at the confluence of the Delaware River and the Lehigh River,
just about
55 miles (89km) northern of Philadelphia and 70 miles (110km) West of the metropolis of New York.

Easton is the easternmost city in the Lehigh area, a part of 731square miles(1,893km2) That is home to more than 800,000 most people. with the Allentown and Bethlehem, The Valley embraces the Allentown Bethlehem Easton metropolitan area, this includes Lehigh, Northampton, And Carbon counties within missouri, And Warren County in the adjoining state of New jersey. Easton is the actual of the three Lehigh Valley cities, With approximately one fourth of the population of the largest Lehigh Valley city, Allentown. progressively, This metropolitan area comprises Pennsylvania’s third largest metropolitan area and the state’s largest and most populous contribution to the greater new york city metropolitan area.

the neighborhood is split up into four sections: early Downtown, Which lies directly to northern the Lehigh River, for that west of the Delaware River, enduring west baseball jerseys wholesale
to Sixth Street; The rest of the world Ward, Which lies between Sixth and Fifteenth roads; The south Side, Which lies south in the Lehigh River; And student Hill, A online community on the hills to the north which is the home of Lafayette College. all boroughs of Wilson, gulf Easton, And Glendon are also directly adjacent to the city; the foremost and largest of which, Wilson, partially aligns in the same North South Grid as the city of Easton.

the more Easton area consists of the city, Three townships (Forks, Palmer, and consequently Williams), also three boroughs (Glendon, rest of the world Easton, on top of that Wilson).

Centre pillow, The town square of the city’s Downtown nearby, houses the Soldiers’ Sailors’ Monument, A memorial for Easton area veterans killed the particular American Civil War. The Peace candle light, A candle like structure, Is assembled and disassembled every year atop the Civil War monument for the Christmas season.

The Norfolk southerly Railway’s Lehigh Line (Formerly the prominent line of the Lehigh Valley Railroad), Runs through Easton coming to Bethlehem and Allentown heading west and to Phillipsburg, New jersey just all around the Delaware River.